Woman's meal ruined by friend's 'gross' habit

Woman preparing healthy food in her kitchen
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Many of us have our own little quirks that others might find odd, but one woman's habit was so "gross" it completely put her friend off her dinner. Visiting a friend's house for a meal is usually a delightful experience. It's an opportunity for a much-needed catch-up, someone else takes care of the cooking so you can relax, and you get to enjoy the company and all the latest news.

However, for one woman, her dining experience was ruined by a revolting discovery she made while her friend was preparing their meal. "I was at a friend's last night for a meal. We were both in the kitchen, chatting and having a glass of wine. She would absolutely not let me help despite my protests. So I sat and sipped my wine and observed", she shared on Mumsnet.

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Regrettably, she "wished" she hadn't watched her friend cook, as that's when she spotted the nasty habit, reports the Mirror. "She licked her fingers constantly. I couldn't quite believe it", she recounted. "I'm by no means a hygiene freak, but I would never dream of doing that when I'm prepping food." For the latest Welsh news delivered to your inbox sign up to our newsletter

She questioned if she was being unreasonable for being "pretty grossed out by this" and admitted she didn't "enjoy" her meal as she couldn't stop "thinking about it". She even pondered whether she should have brought it up, asking others "Would you have commented? ".

In response, many commenters expressed their disgust, with some posting vomiting emojis and admitting they would've felt compelled to speak up to the culinary culprit. One person commented: "I would struggle to eat anything that she'd prepared after that. To be fair I have worked in food hygiene all my life so I'm very fussy! ".

Another remarked: "It's obviously a habit, which is ok if you are eating for just yourself but you are not being unreasonable, that would have me cringing. You should have a clean tea towel tucked into your trousers/shorts/skirt or one over the shoulder to wipe your hands quickly."

A different user shared their thoughts: "God no. I don't think I'd be able to eat anything she'd prepared! It's bad enough when someone puts a spoon into food to taste it, licks it, and then uses the same spoon to do the same again later. With fingers, it's somehow much more gross especially as it's repeatedly! ".

The original poster expressed her dilemma, saying she didn't feel she could confront her friend without seeming "ungrateful" but suspected her facial expressions might have betrayed some "disgust".