Woman's warning as she's left with 'saggy lips' after copying Kim Kardashian

A mum who got lip fillers for the trend after being influenced by the Kardashians now regrets having them done and has been left with saggy dissolved lips.
-Credit: (Image: Lorna Holmes SWNS)

A woman has opened up about her regret after trying to emulate Kim Kardashian's famed pout resulted in 'saggy' lips. Lorna Holmes was swept up by celeb trends like those set by the Kardashians and splashed out £300 on 3mls of lip filler over two years.

Initially pleased with her plumped-up look, Lorna - then aged 23 - eventually realised that the physical alterations didn't equate to inner contentment.

Now 28, the hairdresser and influencer is candidly sharing her experience, cautioning others about succumbing to the lure of cosmetic fads. Since she was a teen, Lorna had been enamoured with the Kardashians.

Lorna, from Cheshire, confessed: "Seeing their changes was biggest thing for me. I wanted to have fillers done. I wanted a quick fix. I thought by doing that it would make me happier."

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Even though she was initially happy with her enhanced lips, Lorna acknowledged it didn't fulfil her underlying yearnings. She admitted: "I liked my lips but it still didn't change what I wanted. Changing my appearance didn't make me happy."

Reflecting on her former self and the compulsion to transform her looks, Lorna remarked: "I really disliked who I was. I wanted to change everything about myself and my mindset. I thought by changing my exterior it would help."

With hindsight, she added: "My start off point I had full lips but I should have been told 'no'. When I look back at pictures now I think why did no one stop me?"

Lorna initially found solace in her aesthetic choices, but it was during counselling sessions in 2021 that she realised they weren't a long-term fix for her mental health struggles.

Now dealing with the 'aftermath' of having stretched lips from dissolved lip fillers, she candidly shared: "Having it dissolved I now have saggy lips. I don't smoke but it looks like I do smoke but I'm not bothered about it anymore."

She offers advice to other women to only go ahead with such procedures if they believe it will genuinely add to their happiness, cautioning young women against making hasty decisions without proper consideration.

"Don't just have it done because everybody is doing it or just because everyone on the telly is doing it. I don't think a quick fix by cosmetics is going fix how you feel inside.

Lorna decided to get fillers done herself at age 23 and had 3ml injected over two years, worth £300.
Lorna decided to get fillers done herself at age 23 and had 3ml injected over two years, worth £300.

"It's not about your face. It's about how you treat others and speak to yourself. Remember to talk to yourself nicely. It's about working from within."

Having turned her back on reality TV, she expresses concern over its potential influence on young, impressionable girls, saying: "I don't think I idolise any celebrities or influencers anymore.

"I want to idolise myself and love myself the way I loved the Kardashians. I feel [Love Island] should get some more realer looking girls that haven't had work done to give people who are on the fence about having work done someone to look up to. It's not a fix you should have because it's a trend."

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