Women aged over 50 warned to 'stop' wearing certain colour immediately

Women over 50 can look 10 years younger if they "stop" wearing an outfit colour that makes them seem '"tired", according to a YouTuber. Deirdre Nicholas gives style advice to women over 50 and has spoken out over the colour that doesn't work for middle-aged women.

50 & Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre star Deirdre says women "can look 10 years younger" with simple wardrobe hacks. She warned : "Stop wearing all black - unless you love it of course." She said black was stylish and "incredibly versatile" too.

But she warned it can look "stark" on women over 50 and warned that a middle-aged woman wearing head-to-toe black runs the risk of looking "tired". The style influencer said: "Most of these colours can seem just as slimming as black but they will look younger.

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"You can try cream, off-white, tan, dove grey, even gold - they'll all reflect a lot more light and radiance onto the face than black." She said some nifty tweaks while wearing black can stop them from looking "tired" and "drawn".

It includes "breaking up" the block of colour and "exposing a little skin" at the wrists, ankles, and neck. She also says a colourful accessory like a bag can also "make all the difference" or a dash of golden jewellery if you own any.

To "counteract the darkness" of black clothing, Deirdre also advised wearing plenty of blush and sporting a bright lip colour. After gaining coverage in the Sun newspaper recently, Deirdre took to Instagram where she promoted her work.

"I’m so excited to feature in this major international newspaper!" she said. "The article is packed with my tips on how to make the best of ourselves and to look and feel fabulous after 50 - or any age to be honest!!

"I feel so strongly that we are in our prime and should feel happy and confident in what we wear and how we feel - I feel like a real cheerleader for us all!!"