Women are unfaithful for very different reasons to men - and it’s not about sex

When people are unfaithful, we often imagine it’s for pure, carnal lust - but the reality is rather different, an expert has revealed.

Both women and men cheat for many different reasons, of course - but for women especially, it’s often not to do with finding new sexual experiences.

Men’s motivation is more likely to be sex - but when women cheat, it is often to ‘test the waters’ to see if they can find a better relationship.

Dr David Buss from the University of Texas told the Daily Mail, ‘People cheat for many reasons - because they are bored, for sexual variety, for revenge, because they are emotionally or sexually dissatisfied, for adventure, for resource, or as a mate switching tactics,’

The reasons are almost as varied as the reasons that people have sex in general…  but men are more likely than women to cheat for pure sexual variety and sexual motivations.

‘Women are more likely to cheat because they are seriously unhappy with their primary relationship and use infidelity to get out of a bad relationship, to test the waters to see if someone better might be out there for them, or to ‘trade up’ to a better partner’.’