Out of this world cosmic oysters and doughballs with syringes at Nottingham bar's quirky supper club

Oysters are my nemesis. We really don't get on. I won't go into detail as after all this is a food review. Needless to say I'll never touch them again. However, this week I made an exception for the cosmic oysters at Nottingham's most atmospheric bar.

The Cosmic Supper Club at The Alchemist kicks off with the choice of two varieties but not the slimy shellfish kind with tabasco or lemon. These 'oysters' come in liquid form.

The bar, in King Street, is known as a master in dark arts and molecular mixology, concocting cocktails with fire, bubbles, dry ice and all kinds of weird and wonderful touches, such as wasabi peas, popping candy and disco lights, so I'm expecting the unexpected.

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I'm not disappointed. The mini cocktails are served in silver oyster-shaped shells on a bed of crushed ice. Shimmering under the bar's dimmed lighting, they're simply beautiful.

Mine is the turquoise one - as blue as the sea in the Seychelles. It's made with gin, limoncello, yuzu, citrus, and Disco Blue syrup. Slurping like you would an oyster, it's a pleasurable rush of lemony alcohol with a pop of freshness from the tiny passion fruit pearls that resemble caviar.

Mr P necks the red aperitivo before I have a chance to ask if I can taste it, so I only have his word for how good it is. Made with Aperol, Bergamot Aperitvio, citrus, Disco Grenadine and orange bitters, it comes with a pearl which bursts in the mouth releasing a fruity hit. Oysters are often ordered by the dozen, so it's very tempting to order 10 more.

The supper club, from Sunday to Wednesday from 5pm, was launched in February but has been extended to run throughout the spring. For £20 you receive the mini cocktail and three small plates. There are 20 to choose from including desserts.

Soon our table is full of food, served by a charming chap called Oli. Just like its cocktails, The Alchemist injects fun and theatre into the food - literally. The chorizo and cheddar doughballs come with syringes filled with gooey cheese so you can add as much as you like. Obviously, we injected it all.

The tempura prawn lollipops are presented on long wooden sticks with a pot of sweet chilli sauce which adds extra zing. So simple, yet so full of flavour are the salt and pepper edamame beans - the powerful level of seasoning is just like Chinese salt and pepper chips but healthier.

Crispy shrooms sit in what seems like a deep never-ending pot, which we're very happy about. Dipped in the miso mayo with chilli oil, the lightly battered mushrooms are delicious. My favourites though are the Cubano pork bon bons.

Don't let these average-looking brown balls, fool you. One bite and wham, the spicy pulled pork with apple sauce is doing acrobatics in my mouth. Thankfully we've also ordered whipped bur-natta, so the cool vegan cheese, with cubes of watermelon, thinly-sliced radish and sweet cherry tomatoes, comes as a welcome relief.

The Cosmic Supper Club is begging for puns... it's out of this world, a galaxy of delights, I love it with all my heart and solar... Enough? But seriously, whether you're heading home from working in the city, wanting to line your stomach before a few more drinks, or simply having a midweek treat, it's £20 well spent.

For a Wednesday night the bar has a fair few people eating and drinking, creating a good buzz. The atmosphere changes as you head to the toilets in this striking property.

Originally built for the Prudential Assurance Company in 1893, it's one of the city's grandest buildings, to which The Alchemist has added its own dark and mysterious twist. The walk down the grandiose stairs, along the dimly lit creepy corridor, into the Ladies gives me the spooks. If you're of a nervous disposition, I'd recommend going to the loo with a friend.