2022 World Cup: How much does a ticket cost?

Tickets don't come cheap for the World Cup. (PA)
Tickets don't come cheap for the World Cup. (PA)

Being at the biggest football tournament on the planet is the experience of a lifetime – and the price of entry reflects that.

For the Qatar World Cup, which takes place from 20 November to 18 December, the first phase of ticket sales began on 19 January. But how much do tickets cost?

As demand is high, when the number of requests for a given game exceeds the number of tickets available – for the final, for example – a draw takes place.

Since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, FIFA has made special conditions available to residents of the host country.

In addition to buying tickets for specific games, fans can also purchase packages.

The opening match and final of the tournament have the highest prices.

The World Cup is being held during winter this time round. (Reuters)
The World Cup is being held in Qatar. (Reuters)

To see the opening match, prices range from approximately £254 to £520 (1,100 to 2,250 Qatari riyals). In the final, it is from £509 (2,200 Qatari riyals) to £1,291 (5,580 Qatari riyals).

The cheapest section is the one behind the goals. In the group stage, a ticket is equivalent to around £58 (250 Qatari riyals).

A ticket along the sides of the pitch during the group stage, tickets are more expensive and cost 800 Qatari riyals, around £185.

For those who have faith in the English team reaching the final, a package for the seven matches they would play in the most expensive section, along the side of the pitch, costs about £3,634 (or 15,708 Qatari riyals).

There are different types of tickets: single match; team pack, which runs from the first game of the group stage to the final; four-stadium package, designed especially for Qatar due to the short distance between pitches; and the accessibility category, for fans with disabilities.

All prices vary, depending on the stage, category and location of the stadium.

Fans can buy up to six tickets per game.

On the FIFA website, you can find other package variations. The tournament opens at the Al Bayt Stadium.