World’s first plantable cutlery sprouts onto the dining scene

An eco-conscious startup in Dubai has developed the world’s first plantable cutlery.

Bloomspoon based in Dubai, UAE, has established the world’s first plantable cutlery, that sprouts seeds once planted. The cutlery, which is made from wheat straw, is fully biodegradable.

After a meal, users can plant the utensils in damp soil at any angle, with seeds sprouting after 15-20 days.

Mostafa Khattab, founder and managing director at Bloomspoon said: “At Bloomspoon, we view the creation of sustainable alternatives as more than just an option—it's imperative for our future generations and the planet's well-being.

“Our plantable cutlery is designed to not only offer an eco-conscious choice but also to inspire others to make sustainable decisions effortlessly. With each piece of our plantable cutlery, we take a step towards reducing plastic waste, promoting a sustainable habit and promoting a circular economy,” he added.

The UAE banned single-use plastics on 1 January 2024. Commencing on 1 January 2026, the ban will extend to other single-use plastic products including plastic plates, plastic food containers, plastic tableware, and cups and their lids.

The ruling includes exemptions, such as plastic bags made from recycled materials, as well as plastics necessary for products exported internationally.

Khattab added: “We believe in encouraging sustainable behaviours through our products, such as the planting factor included in all our offerings. Rather than just purchasing eco-friendly items, we want consumers to engage in sustainable actions."

The startup also has created cork grow kits, terracotta grow kits, plantable pencils and bamboo toothbrushes to contribute to a more sustainable world.