World Mental Health Day 2023: When is it and what is the theme?

The theme this year is seeing mental health as a “universal human right”.  (Mental Health Foundation)
The theme this year is seeing mental health as a “universal human right”. (Mental Health Foundation)

Recent years have highlighted the undeniable importance of mental health, with the soaring cost of living and the aftermath of the Covid lockdowns continuing to impact millions of Brits’ wellbeing across the nation.

And, that’s not all. From things air pollution, which was found as a potential contributing factor to ailments such as dementia, to diet culture causing body dysmorphia and eating disorders, there are countless things that are putting a strain on individuals.

To raise awareness, every year the world comes together to mark World Mental Health Day.

With this year’s focus on seeing mental health as a “universal human right”, here’s a comprehensive look at World Mental Health Day 2023.

When is World Mental Health Day 2023?

World Mental Health Day will be celebrated on October 10 as always.

Talking about the special occasion, which has been marked since 1992, the Mental Health UK website said: “We know that harmful barriers to good mental health still exist in our homes, schools, and workplaces. This World Mental Health Day we invite everyone to join us by pledging to protect, promote, and respect mental health in our communities.

“With your help, we can encourage everyone to commit to making their mental health a priority. We’ve created some shareable and editable.”

What is the theme for World Mental Health Day 2023?

Each year, a theme is decided on to encourage a positive direction and raise awareness for mental health issues.

The theme this year is to acknowledge that “mental health is a universal human right” as set by the World Federation for Mental Health.

How to support the cause

To help raise awareness and mark the special day, you could spread the word in person or by using the hashtags #MakeItRight and #WorldMentalHealthDay on social media platforms.

You can also help by holding fundraising events benefitting leading mental health charities. Mental Health Foundation suggests hosting a “Tea and Talk” session, for instance.

Alternatively, you could make a difference in someone you love’s life by checking in on them and giving a helping hand to someone who has been having a tough time recently.

As always, wearing a green ribbon on Mental Health Day will also be a symbolic way to raise awareness for mental health.