World On Fire: Viewers share common complaint about BBC WWII drama's return

The World War II drama returned to the BBC One on Sunday evening after a four year absence - and viewers were a little baffled.

World on Fire series 2,Marga (MIRIAM SCHIWECK); David (GREGG SULKIN); Kasia Tomaszeski (ZOFIA WICHŁACZ); Harry Chase (JONAH HAUER-KING); Lois Bennett (JULIA BROWN); Rajib (AHAD RAZAMIR); Robina Chase (LESLEY MANVILLE),Mammoth Screen,Mammoth Screen
World On Fire is back on screens with a second series after four years off screen. (BBC)

World On Fire has many viewers complaining they were confused after its recap sequence failed to remind them what happened during the first series.

The Second World War drama – starring Jonah Hauer-King and Lesley Manville – returned to the BBC One on Sunday evening after a four-year absence, having ended on a cliffhanger in November 2019.

The war epic, which starred Helen Hunt and Sean Bean in the first series, presents the events of the Second World War through the eyes of ordinary people with the story travelling between war-torn Britain and Nazi Germany to present a unique look at the historical event.

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Viewers admitted they were grateful for the introduction reminding them what had happened in series one.

World on Fire series 2,06-08-2023,4,Behind-The-Scenes,Mammoth Screen,Steffan Hill
The first series of World on Fire ended in November 2019. (BBC)

One tweeted: "Always grateful for a recap. Especially after almost 4 years! I do remember loving the first series though. #WorldOnFire."

Another said: "Never before has a ‘Previously…’ montage been so needed. Series 1 of #WorldOnFire was 2019!"

Another viewer confessed: "Brain struggling to remember what happened last time #worldonfire"

And one commented: "Glad they are giving a previously on to start Season 2 of #WorldonFire. Can't believe it's nearly 4 years since Season 1."

Lesley Manville as Robina Chase in World on Fire. (BBC)
Lesley Manville as Robina Chase in World on Fire. (BBC)

But some felt the montage of highlights from the first series was inadequate, and left them still feeling baffled as to what was going on.

One said: "Well that was a really unhelpful recap - moved far too quickly, I could hardly take any of it in. I’ll have no hope of following the story tonight. #WorldOnFire"

Another tweeted: "Look, it’s been ages since series one of #WorldOnFire and I have NO idea who any of these people are any more. That pre-titles recap was rubbish tbh."

And another complained: "I do not remember anything apart from the cliffhanger with Kasia and the Webster/Albert storyline so this isnt going well for me :( #WorldonFire"

Sean Bean with Lesley Manville in the first series of World On Fire. (BBC/Alamy)
Sean Bean with Lesley Manville in the first series of World On Fire. (BBC/Alamy)

Other viewers were disappointed to find out Sean Bean's character had been killed off.

One tweeted: "I wish they had found a way to keep sean bean on the show #WorldOnFire"

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Another said: "Good to see #WorldOnFire back on our screens, although I don't think the BBC budget has stretched quite far enough...but can't fault the acting. Shame there's no Sean Bean."

The war drama's new series was delayed in production because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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