World War 3: North Korea releases video showing nuclear attack on Washington

With tensions rising on the Korean peninsula, North Korea has released a video showing a rocket attack on Washington DC.

The video, released by official state media, shows the White House in a gun-style crosshair – and a missile descending on the city and exploding in a giant fireball.

Another sequence shows American warships being targeted by rockets – interspersed with videos of recent live-fire drills.

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The video showed sequences from a live-fire exercise conducted this week, designed to show off the strength of Pyongyang’s million-strong army.

Hundreds of tanks lined up in the eastern coastal town of Wonsan, to mark the 85th anniversary of the founding of its Korean People’s Army.

Dictator Kim Jong-Un saluted troops as 300 large-calibre artillery pieces fired – in what official state media described as the ‘largest ever’ combined live-fire drills.

Submarines conducted torpedo attacks, as missiles blasted out across the sea in a show of military strength – as tensions rose with neighbouring South Korea.