Chef launches 'Sausage party' with 100 types of pigs in blankets

Chef Jim Thomlinson is launching the world’s first ‘sausage’ party (Picture: SWNS)

A top chef is launching the world’s first ‘sausage party’ featuring 100 different types of pigs in blankets.

Jim Thomlinson’s pop-up features a sausage menu including a ‘wreath’ of 32 pigs in blankets ranging from vegan to smoked streaky bacon, with plenty of twists on the Christmas classic.

All the chef needs now is a venue.

Jim Thomlinson has created a sausage menu involving 100 different pigs in blankets (Picture: SWNS)
The sausage menu features plenty of different twists on the Christmas classic (Pictures: SWNS)

Jim, who has 12 years of Michelin Star experience, said: “Pigs in blankets is the flavour I look forward to most at Christmas – I always steal so many off the roasting tray.

“I look forward both to making epic versions of the traditional pig and putting a new spin on the concept.”

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The idea behind the sausage party came from Messhead, a team behind ‘food stunts’ based on serial killer drama Dexter and The Walking Dead.

Creative director Emma Thomas said: “There is no doubt that pigs in blankets is a huge trend for Christmas this year.

All the organisers need is a venue for the party (Pictures: SWNS)

She said: “Being the world’s biggest pigs in blankets fan I wanted to eat a menu that consisted only of this fine food.

“As soon as I started to talk about this, I realised this was a dream for many and was determined to make this come true.”

But after their original venue closed down at short notice, Messhead are now on the hunt for a new venue in Kent for the party.

“We are open to a pub, cafe or tea room closed down for the winter – that would allow the owner to earn a few extra pounds.”