World's tallest moving sculpture will showcase selfies

A 40-metre-tall statue to be installed in London next week will enable people to take 'the largest selfie on earth'.

The launch of the cutting-edge tourist attraction, called The Giant, will take place at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo Europe - the biggest event for theme parks and visitor attractions in Europe - and is set to be one of the most exciting visitor attraction concepts of the 21s​t​ century.

Standing over 10 stories tall, The Giant's arms and head can move, and its patented skin - a matrix of millions of LED pixels - instantly takes the form of any person, including historical figures such as Albert Einstein and Amelia Earhart to stars of today from Lionel Messi to Beyoncé.

Visitors will be scanned inside the exhibition space and uploaded onto the giant statue resulting in the world's most spectacular selfie.

The team from The Giant will be showcasing its capabilities on a two-metre model at IAAPA Expo Europe between September 12-15.

The Giant can display any person - including visitors - who can be scanned and revealed on the sculpture, creating the largest selfie on earth.