World's Worst Christmas Tree Makes A Comeback

World's Worst Christmas Tree Makes A Comeback

A council Christmas tree described as the worst in Britain has resurfaced close to the town that became a laughing stock for putting it up.

Stockton Council was pilloried in December 2013 for what locals described as a dunce's hat, an ice cream cone and an embarrassment.

The 20ft-tall "tree", made of white fabric and cones with illuminated snowflakes, was erected in Stockton town centre and attracted national ridicule.

It has reappeared outside a charity building in nearby Norton where staff admit it's not to everyone's taste.

"I know not many people seemed to like it," explained Judith Haysmore, chief executive of the Daisy Chain autism charity .

"But when Stockton Council offered it to us we were happy to take it in and give it a home."

A council spokesman called for seasonal goodwill, saying: "Surely there must be a place in our hearts at this time of year for the lost, the lonely and the outcast … including Christmas trees."