'Wouldn't That Be Rad?': Boater's Wish Granted Within Seconds by Jumping Dolphin

A man boating off Dana Point in California was delighted when a dolphin popped out of the water seconds after he said it would be “rad” if something like that were to happen.

Amusing video of the special moment shows Bill Clements and Justin Kezmoh out on Kezmoh’s rubber inflatable boat. In the footage, Clements can be heard saying, “Wouldn’t that be rad if a dolphin came over and jumped?”

Much to the delight of the pair, that request was fulfilled “seconds after those words left my mouth,” Clements told Storyful.

“The dolphin was so close that we both felt the splash!” he said. “It was like the dolphins were listening to our conversation and performed on cue!”

Clements, who regularly documents his encounters with aquatic life for his @paddlegoat Instagram account, said he had an “amazing experience,” as the pod then proceeded to bow ride with them.

“Many times they would swim on their sides, making eye contact with me,” he said. Credit: @paddlegoat via Storyful