WOW! The Internet Memes After Orlando Bloom Paddleboards NAKED

Photos of Orlando Bloom stark b*****k naked and paddling a canoe have emerged online and the internet has gone wild.

The 39-year-old actor let it all hang out on holiday in, you know, that little known country called ITALY on a romantic get away with with Katy Perry and was caught out by spying paparazzi. But the funniest part is, the internet has gone completely mad for Orlando’s crown jewels.

We state the obvious

Some people are so shocked nothing more can be done than to state exactly what is happening right now.

We freak the hell out

This isn’t Justin Bieber or even Daniel Radcliffe, when we saw Orlando’s nether regions, we got huge stage fright.

We ask ourselves, what does Taylor Swift think?

Will Katy Perry’s arch nemesis be plotting her Orlando take-over soon? Or secretly nodding and saying, ‘go on, girl!’ We’d love to know.

We find it hard to remember Orlando dressed

It feels like forever since we’ve seen him in clothes. Who cares, fresh screen saver sorted.

We pretend to question what we’re seeing

For those of you who have resisted looking, a shadow from Orlando’s paddle fell across the girth of his, uhumm. Let’s just say it did NOTHING to shelter his modesty.

Men’s reactions everywhere

Respect, mate!

Women’s reactions everywhere


Selena Gomez weeps

Because she missed out?

Those who haven’t seen them, will probably keep looking

We know we shouldn’t gawk, but… it was a public place!

Celeb reactions

Mixed, but let’s face it, this is the exact opposite to body shaming. Orlando is getting a lot of love right now! We’re only sorry we can’t publish…