Wrestlers Rico González and AC Mack are married!

Rico Gonzalez and AC Mack
Rico Gonzalez and AC Mack

Eight months after announcing their engagement to the world, professional wrestlers Rico González and AC Mack are officially married!

The happy husbands casually dropped the news earlier this week, with Mack writing "One sec... My HUSBAND is calling me," alongside a series of Instagram pics showing off a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Puerto Hermina.


Their engagement also took place in Puerto Rico, as evidenced by the photos shared last October celebrating their promise to one another.

"When you know, you just know," Mack wrote at the time.

Fans have enjoyed getting to catch glimpses of their relationship blossoming over social media, and many offered their congratulations in response to the most recent news. And the importance of that visibility hasn't been lost on the couple.

"It's not always easy to share this stuff for what feels like everyone to see but it's more important [than] we think," González wrote, following news coverage of the ceremony.

González has been making a name for himself in wrestling since 2021, after beginning training at age 27. Mack, on the other hand, retired in 2022. The same year, he made history as the first out LGBTQ+ male world champion after winning the IWTV Independent Wrestling World title.

"I started wrestling in 2016. And plenty of people told me, 'You ain’t gonna never make it out of this state. Not with the way you look, not with the color of your skin, not with who you like to sleep with,'" he said after winning his match. "They dubbed me Georgia’s finest. Don’t clap for that, because I am so much more."

And now both men get to add another title to their list of accomplishments — husband. Congratulations!