'Wrong' Theresa May wants an apology from real Donald Trump after Twitter storm

David Harding
The ‘wrong’ Theresa May (PA)

The ‘wrong’ Theresa May is demanding an apology from US President Donald Trump after he mistook her for the British Prime Minister.

Theresa Scrivener, from Bognor, was inundated with messages after the World’s most powerful man accidentally tweeted her on Wednesday.

Trump was responding to the British leader after she rebuked his retweets of anti-Muslim videos originally sent by a UK far-right activist, Jayda Fransen.

Scrivener’s follower numbers –  she uses her middle name for her Twitter handle @TheresaMay – have increased from just six to more than 1,300 in just a few days as a result.

Speaking exclusively to the Press Association, Miss Scrivener said she had received ‘huge numbers’ of messages, adding: ‘If I wanted to be famous I would have gone on X Factor.’

‘It’s amazing to think that the world’s most powerful man managed to press the wrong button,’ she said.

‘I’m just waiting for a call from the White House with an apology.’

Trump’s message to his more than 43 million followers, read: ‘@TheresaMay, don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!’

Theresa Scrivener and partner Steve McDonnell (PA)

Many of those responding on Twitter offered their condolences to the Bognor woman for being at the centre of a Twitter storm involving the US leader.

Some Americans on social media even apologised for their president.

‘I’m just glad he was not contacting me to say he was going to war with North Korea,’ she said.

The 41-year-old said she was asleep when the incident happened.

And the first she knew about it was when she woke at 4am to huge numbers of messages on her phone from reporters hoping to speak to her.

It was not until a few hours later she saw the tweets from Mr Trump.

‘I wasn’t really sure what to make of it,’ she said.

Theresa Scrivener said she asleep when the Twitter storm started (PA)

‘I was in bed by half 10 last night and oblivious to it all. It has been very surreal. I am laughing about it now but he is the one who sent the tweet and I have been inundated with calls.

‘I haven’t been able to leave my house. I’ve been bombarded and been contacted by press from around the world.’

Miss Scrivener said she wanted to stay out of the debate surrounding Mr Trump’s conversation with the Prime Minister, but added: ‘He needs to think before he tweets. We – Theresa May and I – are so different. Our profiles are completely different. She runs the country, I’m a mum from Bognor.’

Her Twitter account is not verified and the profile image she has is of the Prime Minister.

She said she was not going to change her name as a result of Mr Trump’s blunder, adding: ‘Why should I? It’s my name, I’m not going to change it.

‘I hope now I’ve said my piece I will be left alone.’

Scrivener’s follower numbers have increased from just 6 to more than 1,300 (PA)

This though was not the first time she has been mistaken for the Prime Minister, as she receives almost daily tweets from Twitter users asking her to fix the NHS or speed up the Brexit process.

Neither was it the first time Mr Trump has directed his 44 million followers to the wrong account.

In January he mistakenly tagged a woman from Brighton in a tweet instead of his own daughter.

Quoting an account which has since been suspended, he wrote: ‘@IvankaTrump is great, a woman with real character and class.’

The owner of the @Ivanka account, a digital consultant from Brighton, replied: ‘And you’re a man with great responsibilities. May I suggest more care on Twitter and more time learning about #climatechange.’