WW1 in colour: Stunning images bring historic conflict to life ahead of Armistice Day

Nearly a century after British soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice, these breathtaking images have bought the horror of World War One back to life.

Dozens of poignant pictures showing the everyday happenings of the Great War have been colourised for the first time.

The painstaking restoration is the work of Royston Leonard, 55, a Cardiff electrician whose grandfather fought in the conflict.

Mr Leonard said: ‘The First World War was the first time machines took over the battlefield. Guns got massive with it, both sides rained down shells, making it hell for troops on the ground to the point where the men just had no hope at all, it was just madness.’

Among the images are jubilant crowds in New York celebrating the allied forces’ victory and joyful soldiers making the long journey home from the front lines.

Mr Leonard added: ‘There was no winner – it was just madness taken over the world.’