WWDC 2024: Apple announces live event where it will launch iOS 18 and AI for iPhones

Apple iPhone 15s on display (Jonathan Brady/PA) (PA Wire)
Apple iPhone 15s on display (Jonathan Brady/PA) (PA Wire)

Apple has announced the live event that will see it reveal the future of the iPhone and its other products.

Each year, Apple hosts its Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC, during which it reveals software updates for all of its platforms. It had already announced that would begin on June 10 and run through the week.

Now it has announce that the keynote to launch the event will be held on that Monday, at 10am local pacific time. It will be made up of a “first look at groundbreaking updates coming to Apple platforms later this year”, Apple said.

As with previous years, that launch will be live streamed online. Previously, WWDC included a considerable in-person element and a presentation live on stage – but recent years have instead seen the airing of a pre-recorded video.

That came as part of a reminder, sent to developers, ahead of the event. That reminder also included a drawing of a bird and the tagline “coming in swiftly”.

That is presumably a reference to Apple’s Swift programming language, released in 2014 and which has become the underpinning for many Apple products since. Given WWDC’s focus on developers, it is likely that its other events will focus on coding – but it is unclear exactly why it chose to highlight that language.

It may also be a reference to quick new hardware. Apple has historically released new professional products during its WWDC keynote.

Apple is expected to make updates to the iPhone’s iOS, as well as the operating systems for iPad, Apple TV, Watch, Mac and Vision Pro as part of the event.

Many of those updates are expected to focus on artificial intelligence. Apple rarely reveals what is coming in its software updates ahead of time, but has given a number of clues that suggest it will bring new generative AI tools to its platforms.

Outside of those feature updates, Apple may choose to release the Vision Pro in other countries and could launch new hardware.

You can find everything else expected for Apple’s event here.