WWE's Chad Gable Will Return To Monday Night Raw After Attack From Wyatt Sicks, But Is He Really OK?

 Chad Gable looking upset.
Credit: WWE

Monday Night Raw's latest episode ended with the debut of The Wyatt Sicks, and their first victim, Chad Gable, looked pretty severely injured at the end of it all. So imagine my surprise when Gable was cleared for an upcoming Money in the Bank qualifier. And that event will determine whether or not we'll be watching him at the PLE with a Peacock Premium subscription. This is an interesting turn of events, and it has me wondering if Gable is really OK.

Taking a defeat, especially an all-time loss, is nothing new for Chad Gable. That said, he's usually back to his cocky and confident self soon after, but this situation just feels different. To be honest, I'm having trouble explaining this, but I feel as though the WWE has a wilder story on the way for him. Here's what sticks out to me about his upcoming return and how it may be a bigger angle for Gable than finally just winning a major title.

Adam Pearce's Video Announcing Chad Gable's Clearance Has Imagery From The Wyatt Sicks

After it looked like the Wyatt Sicks left Chad Gable for dead on Monday Night Raw, general manager Adam Pearce originally took him out of the Money In The Bank qualifying match set to take place this coming Monday. Then, the GM changed his mind, and posted this strange video to his X account:

A number of WWE fans have likely seen enough Uncle Howdy teases to know that The Wyatt Sicks manipulated that video in some way. It seems they'd been in control of Adam Pearce's account for a while. Did the faction, which contains original members of The Wyatt Family, work some of their magic to possess the Raw General Manager? This happened years ago when Daniel Bryan was coerced into joining Bray Wyatt, so I do have my suspicions.

Chad Gable's First Social Media Post After His Attack Was Tied To An Iconic Horror Character

Chad Gable is back on social media, but he's not acting like his usual self. Granted, he's been all out of sorts since his shocking heel turn after his loss to Sami Zayn (which left WWE fans furious). But there's something off about him since the attack. Rather than post some personal message assuring he's OK, Gable shared a photo of Jason Vorhees emerging from the grave. Take a look:

The Friday The 13th character was often defeated but never truly died in the traditional sense. Perhaps like Jason, Chad was reborn with the help of The Wyatt Sicks and will be acting as their puppet at upcoming WWE events?

'A Great Chapter': John Cena's Drops Another Cryptic Hint About His WWE Future, And It's Making Me Kinda Sad

Screenshot of John Cena in ring at WWE Fastlane
Screenshot of John Cena in ring at WWE Fastlane

The end for "The Champ" sounds near. 

Keep in mind that fans are still waiting on the reveal of the sixth member of the faction, and I've theorized one possibility for a member is a random wrestler embodied with the spirit of Bray Wyatt. Honestly, I think it would be awesome if that were the case, and I'd love to see Gable do the spider-walk and hit a Sister Abigail to punch his ticket to Money In The Bank.

Of course, I could also see this as Chad Gable just making a meta-joke that he's returned despite the fact that he looked dead following the attack by The Wyatt Sicks. Still, I would be surprised if Gable just walked away from that unscathed, as it would diminish just how impactful the scary faction is in their attacks. Something has to be up with him; I'm just not entirely sure what yet.

Monday Night Raw will undoubtedly have some answers, so anyone interested should be sure not to miss the latest episode on USA Network on Monday at 8:00 p.m. ET as part of the 2024 TV schedule. I'll be there in person to get a first-hand look at Chad Gable after the attack, and I am definitely still leery about his miraculous recovery.