As The Wyatt Sicks' WWE Spookiness Continues, Where's Alexa Bliss? The Star Dropped A New Post

 Alexa Bliss looking sad.
Credit: WWE

The Wyatt Sicks arrived in the WWE, and made it clear they're not here to play games. After destroying the backstage with their debut, the group continues to haunt Monday Night Raw with no apparent intentions or longterm plans behind the chaos. To fans, it's been a lovely homage to the late Bray Wyatt, which has us all wondering if and/or when Alexa Bliss will return and join the spooky faction.

Alexa Bliss took time away from the WWE to compete on The Masked Singer, and after then missing WrestleMania 39, announced she was pregnant. The new mother has been on the sidelines since having her child, but with a year having passed since her pregnancy announcement, many are speculating she'll be the sixth member of The Wyatt Sicks. The upcoming WWE event Money in the Bank is just around the corner, so now is as great a time as any to check in on the superstar, and fortunately, we have an update.

Alexa Bliss Recently Shared An Update With Fans On Instagram

As WWE fans prepare for Money In The Bank this weekend, Alexa Bliss popped up in Stories on her Instagram page to share an update. It's not an update specific to wrestling in any way, unless you want to try and read between the lines in what posting a picture at home with messy hair may mean for this weekend:

Alexa Bliss sharing a photo with no makeup on
Alexa Bliss sharing a photo with no makeup on

Some may take this as a sign Alexa Bliss has no plans to return at Money In The Bank, but let's not be hasty here. Her chilling at home on Monday morning means nothing as to what she has planned for this Saturday or even Monday Night Raw. I'm sure she could get ready for a big return tonight if she really wanted to, though I would guess she's going to be watching the episode from home and maybe showing her daughter her past matches with a Peacock Premium subscription.

What might be most concerning here to those expecting to see her, however, is that Alexa Bliss is not showing any outward teases that she'll be at Money In The Bank. Like, if she was being enlisted by The Wyatt Sicks, wouldn't there be some weird glitches or easter eggs in her content? This is just a regular post from home and doesn't have Wyatt Sicks energy, in my opinion.

Will Alexa Bliss Join The Wyatt Sicks?

While it doesn't appear like she'll show up anytime soon, I do still expect Alexa Bliss to emerge as the sixth member of The Wyatt Sicks. She was one of the WWE superstars most tied to Wyatt before his unexpected passing and was part of the controversial storyline in which he lost to Randy Orton at WrestleMania.

While he was absent, Bliss kept her character tied to his story, and fans were all about it. It would be shocking to see her have zero role in The Wyatt Sicks, but we can only speculate what the greater plan is for this faction.

Money In The Bank streams on Peacock on Saturday, July 6th, with the main card starting at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep an eye peeled, and maybe all fingers crossed for a potential appearance by Alexa Bliss, and stick with CinemaBlend as we wait to see who will win those coveted briefcases.