X Factor 2016: Disco Heaven?

It was an all glitter and flares event as X Factor took on the mighty D-I-S-C-O tonight.

Poor Sam Lavery took a pounding as viewers slammed her version of the Gloria Gaynor disco classic I Will Survive.

Apparently, it did not fit with the requirements of a disco tune.

Although not for Honey G
Although not for Honey G
The diva was not so disco after all
The diva was not so disco after all

5 After Midnight upped their game after a disappointing two weeks with their rendition of Boogie Wonderland.

Elsewhere, classic Disco act Sister Sledge got a right roasting on social media.

The group, famous for hits such as ‘We Are Family’, seemed to not have their hearts in the performance.

One Twitter user wrote: “Sister Sledge – or three drunk women doing karaoke at the office Christmas do?”

Another added: “” I’d go as far as to say, I think Honey G is better than Sister Sledge.”


What did you think of DISCO night?