'X Factor' contestant suffers major live blunder

Danny Tetley was the victim of an announcement blunder on tonight’s X Factor.
Danny Tetley was the victim of an announcement blunder on tonight’s X Factor.

X Factor Overs contestant Danny Tetley hasn’t had the best week. The 37-year-old Benidorm singer had to pull out of press and rehearsals due to sickness and it was touch and go as to whether he’d make it to Saturday night’s live show.

But he pulled through, only to then become a victim of an unfortunate live blunder. As Tetley arrived on stage, he was awkwardly announced as Boys contestant and rival Anthony Russell. Not only this, but the backing track for Russell’s song began to play.

A shaky voiced Tetley attempted to sing his rendition of Mariah Carey’s hit Hero, only to give up after a few seconds and say ‘That’s thrown me off that, sorry.’

Finally the correct track was played, and Tetley went on to give a heartfelt performance of the uplifting 90’s track.

Tetley received a standing ovation from all of the judges.

Simon Cowell told him: “Don’t feel bad about what happened because it made you better in my opinion, so who cares?”

“The pressure of what just happened to you and you picked yourself up and delivered that vocal, you should be really proud of yourself,” Louis Tomlinson added.

Tetley’s X Factor mentor, Ayda Field, showed her support by waving and cheering throughout his performance. She also said a ’12 year old boy’ would go to school on Monday feeling better about himself after watching how well Tetley handled the gaffe.

“You are his hero, you are my hero,” she said.

“The drama! But that means nothing to you, because I know you’ve played harder rooms than this,” Field’s husband Robbie Williams added.

The judges weren’t the only one to sing Tetley’s praises on handling the unfortunate cock up. Viewers flocked to Twitter to share their appreciation.

And this isn’t Tetley’s first time at the rodeo. He auditioned before Simon Cowell in the first ever Pop Idol in 2001 and made it into the top 50. He then auditioned again for Popstars: The Rivals the following year, only to be rejected with judge Geri Halliwell claiming he ‘wasn’t right for a pop band.’ Ouch.

X Factor continues Sunday evening at 8.35pm on ITV.

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