‘X-Men ’97’ Vinyl Unveils First-Look

To me, my vinyl collectors! The music of X-Men ’97 is coming to physical media, with the Newton Brothers’ score arriving as part of a two-record set.

The Hollywood Reporter has the first look and details of the package, which features art from Phantom City Creative and contains two, 140-gram color vinyl discs housed in a gatefold jacket.

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X-Men ’97 was a continuation of the classic X-Men animated series, which ran from 1992-97. It was a critical hit for Marvel Studios, becoming its first project to score a 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. The score form the Newton Brothers, known for collaborations with Doctor Sleep filmmaker Mike Flanagan, took inspiration from the show, and charted its own path as well.

Pop culture art, music, and collectibles shop Mutant is behind the vinyl release, which can be pre-ordered now.

“Meeting expectations is hard. Exceeding them is even harder. X-Men ’97 makes it look effortless in nearly every way, including the music. Featuring an excellent and faithful update to Ron Wasserman’s original classic X-Men: The Animated Series theme, the Newton Brothers work on this series is brilliant,” says Mutant co-founder Eric Garza. “Across 40 tracks and 80-plus minutes, the Newton Brothers craft a soundscape that includes giant sweeping orchestral and synth-driven cues that could comfortably exist in any day of future past. It’s a bold and epic body of work worthy of Marvel’s merry mutants.”

X-Men ’97 Soundtrack
X-Men ’97 Soundtrack

Check out the track list and more art below:

Disc One

Side One

1. X-Men ’97 Theme

2. The Summers

3. Give Them the Forecast

4. The Trial of Magneto

5. Magnus the Savior

6. Goodbye

7. Mister Sinister

8. In Hell

9. Fight or Die

10 Remember Who You Are

11. What Have You Done?

Side Two

1. Fate of the X-Men

2. Betrayal or Forgiveness

3. Man vs. Machine

4. Boss Battle

5. Nightcrawler

6. A Peaceful Life

7. Trails of Love

8. Busy Bees

9. Invasion

Disc Two

Side One

1. A Different Empire

2 Sisterhood

3. Galactic Peace

4. She’s Back

5. We Need You

6. Requiem to Friends

7. Break In

8. Time Manipulation

9. Fight for Yourself

10. Bonding Time

Side Two

1. Too Little Too Late

2. Rising Up

3. Sentinels Attack

4. Metal Bends

5. Inevitable Vision

6. Bad Odds

7. X

8. You Hurt Me

9. Rising Waters

10. X-Men End Credits

X-Men ’97 Soundtrack
X-Men ’97 Soundtrack
X-Men ’97 Soundtrack
X-Men ’97 Soundtrack

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