Xbox wishlists disappear for some users, wiping years of data for hundreds of players

The wishlist feature lets players know when their desired games are on sale (Microsoft)
The wishlist feature lets players know when their desired games are on sale (Microsoft)

A handy Xbox feature that lets players keep track of their most wanted games has been wiped for some users.

Over the past few days, disgruntled gamers have taken to social media to complain of their Xbox wish lists being abruptly deleted.

With some players spending years saving their desired games to their list, the move has seemingly cost them a trove of data. To make matters worse, lists are being repeatedly deleted even after starting afresh.

As with any online storefront, the Xbox store allows you to add games and other content to a wish list that you can access at any time. Say you want to buy Cyberpunk 2077 but don’t have the cash or the storage, you can save it to your list for another time.

Xbox will even notify you when an item on your wish list goes on sale, and you can share your saved games with friends and family. Losing that info, on the other hand, is a tad annoying - to say the least.

Summing up the mood among affected players, one person wrote on Reddit: “It sucks that this kind of thing has happened.”

In a separate Reddit post, a user claimed they had lost 200 games on their wishlist as a result of the issue.

“I'm just trying to remember most of the games I had on there. Hope it gets restored,” wrote another person.

Meanwhile, others noted that the issue kept happening even after they started their lists again.

“So, I quickly started to fill it back up with what I remembered was on it, but when I exited and came back to it, it was emptied again,” read a comment on Reddit.

The fact that some users can’t rebuild their lists is also leading to speculation that this may signal a permanent change.

If there’s any good news in all of this, it’s that Microsoft is still emailing people with notifications for their wishlist games on sale, according to Windows Central.

The Standard has contacted Microsoft for a response. In the meantime, affected players can report the error themselves from the Xbox status page.