Year in the life of a newborn: Father films one-second clips of baby son for 365 days

A creative photographer has catalogued the first 12 months of his newborn's life - by filming his adorable son for one second every day for a year.

Sam Cornwell, 32, made daily short clips of newborn son Indigo from the day he was born last July to the day he celebrated his first birthday last week.

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His six-minute film shows Indigo's first moments, right through to him crawling, walking, and meeting his new family over 365 days.

Fast-developing Indigo even takes his first steps after just 10 months in the fascinating video.

Photographer Sam, from Hayling Island, Hampshire, said that along with wife Beverley, his parents wanted something special to give Indigo when he grew up.

Sam told Yahoo! News: 'As photographers, it was inevitable there was always going to be a camera around when Indigo was born, and we just took it that one stage further.

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'The idea behind using video instead of photos and creating a time-lapse or age-lapse was that a video is so much more dynamic.

'With videos you can see his first smile, hear his first coo, witness his first step.'

Sam's video has already been viewed over one million times in a week since he uploaded it around a week ago.

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He added: 'Indigo's already a really energetic little man.

'We do enjoy videoing him and we will keep going - but we don't want to turn our son into an art project.'

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