Yellowjackets star Sophie Nélisse shares season 3 update

Yellowjackets' Sophie Nélisse has revealed that filming on season 3 will start very soon.

Nélisse plays teenager Shauna Shipman in Showtime's acclaimed cannibal mystery drama. In a recent interview, the star shared that cast and crew are going back to Canada to film the new batch of episodes shortly.

"Yeah, we start in like a month," Nélisse told ComicBook. "Yeah, we go back to Vancouver in a month. I have my apartment there."

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But don't expect spoilers from the actress as she hasn't had the chance to glance at the new scripts just yet.

"We haven't read any scripts. I don't know anything," she said. "I wish I could tell you spoilers [but] I don't have any."

Nélisse was similarly tightlipped about the show's hotly anticipated bonus episode of season 2, expected to air at some point before season 3 makes it to our screens.

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The star hasn't seen the bonus episode yet and seemingly confirmed she and some of her co-stars will not appear in it.

"I haven't been able to see it. We weren't there when they were shooting and we were all back home. So I don't know anything that happened," she explained. "I mean, I read the script. It's a great script. It's super cool. But I haven't seen it. I wish they would have shown us a special little screening, but no, we don't have any."

Nélisse's words seem consistent with a fan theory predicting the bonus episode will serve as a backstory of the cabin owner where the girls take refuge after the plane crash in 1996.

Affectionately referred to as "cabin daddy", the character is seen in the first season when the gang find a body in the cabin and is rumoured to be played by actor Jason Ritter, the spouse of Yellowjackets star Melanie Lynskey who was previously announced to appear in season 2.

Yellowjackets airs on Showtime in the US and Paramount+in the UK.

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