Yeovil playgroup 'good' in all aspects, Ofsted says

A playgroup in Yeovil has been declared 'good' by Ofsted. East Coker Playgroup was rated 'good' in all five aspects Ofsted uses to measure a school's success.

The report reads: "Children receive a warm welcome from staff when they arrive. Staff provide close support to help reassure less settled children to manage the change in activities throughout the day, and to help them feel secure.

"For example, they obtain family photographs to look at with children and use picture time lines for changing activities."

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The playgroup was found to encourage important skills like teamwork and imagination: "[Children] use their imaginations well building large models and exploring creative materials. They learn to cooperate and work well together in play, such as building slides with guttering pipes to roll toys down."

Children at East Coker are also taught to be polite and take their safety seriously: "Children use good manners, listen and learn to share with others. They learn to keep themselves and others safe, such as handling scissors safely."

Good health and hygiene was also found to be a priority for the school: "Children develop healthy lifestyles. They practise good hand-washing routines and learn how to blow their noses hygienically.

"Children enjoy healthy foods at mealtimes and benefit from regular active play to encourage their physical development."

The playgroup embraces outings and other fun activities to aid children's learning. The inspector wrote: "Staff deliver a balanced curriculum to support and encourage children's learning.

"This includes topical activities and outings to enhance their experiences. For example, children meet an animal carer with piglets to learn about their community."

Although the report was mostly positive, it did note some room for improvement. The inspector recommended that East Coker "develop staff interactions with children to provide older children with greater challenges to build even further on their learning".

Similarly, the report encouraged staff to "strengthen partnerships with parents further, to keep parents informed of their children's progress more closely".

East Coker Playgroup is a day care attended by 24 children aged between two and four. The playgroup has been approached for comment.