Art After Dark: Artist and designer Yinka Ilori talks cinema and meditation

In the latest episode of Art After Dark, Nancy Durrant is joined by multidisciplinary artist and designer Yinka Ilori.They start at the Royal Academy's Souls Grown Deep like the Rivers exhibition. The exhibit discovers Black artists from the Southeastern United States who created some of the most spectacular and ingenious works of the last century.Made from the materials available locally – like clay, driftwood, roots, soil, recycled and cast-off objects – the 64 works range from the mid 20th century to today. Many respond to issues that are global in nature: from economic inequality, oppression and social marginalisation, to sexuality, the influence of place and ancestral memory.Next stop is Picturehouse Central at Piccadilly Circus, a place Yinka has fond memories of as a kid. Lastly, they end their day at Franco's, one of the capital's oldest Italian restaurants. For more ideas on what to see and do in London, visit