Yinrun Huang speaks out on ITV 1% Club name change controversy after fan uproar

Yinrun Huang on the 1% Club.
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

The 1% Club contestant Yinrun Huang has spoken out about a contentious issue from her stint on the show, which left fans branding it "offensive" and "disrespectful". In the most recent episode of the ITV quiz aired on Saturday night, 26 year old Yinrun, who gained fame as a Big Brother finalist last year, was featured.

It's noted that her appearance on Big Brother was recorded months after participating in the 1% Club. During her introduction by host Lee Mack, 55, on the 1% Club, she was called Runrun. Before the episode aired this weekend, she had informed her Instagram followers: "They gave me [that name] because it was easier to say."

Yinrun featured several times throughout the episode, including a moment where she gave an incorrect answer. Lee remarked: "I've so sorry to say that we've lost Runrun."

Read more: Eamonn Holmes to break silence on divorce He continued with a quip: "Runrun, I'm so sorry. You should have changed your name to Staystay.", reports the Mirror.

The name change has sparked criticism among viewers, with one individual posting on Twitter: "It is stupid she had to be named 'Runrun' for pronunciation reasons."

Another expressed their dismay on X, previously known as Twitter: "I'm sorry that is so offensive."

One fan described the incident as "downright disgusting" and "offensive," further criticising Lee's joke: "Then using stay stay as a joke, just bang out of order all of this! " Echoing the sentiment, another viewer tweeted: "That's just not right. So disrespectful."

Big Brother viewers criticised the show for renaming contestant Yinrun Huang to 'Runrun' during the latest episode.

Following the episode, many took to social media to express their disapproval of the decision. One person said: "Totally not okay they changed your name because it's 'easier to pronounce'. Yinrun is very easy to say and even if it wasn't, it still needs to be learnt and said! ".

Another added: "Yinrun is easy to pronounce though, I don't get why they needed to give her a different name. Even if it was, it's respectful to say contestants' names properly and if Lee was likely to struggle with it, give him a phonetical spelling."

Prior to the episode airing, Yinrun had announced on Instagram that she would be known as Runrun on the show, warning her followers that her name would be changed. In a Q&A video on Sunday, she addressed the situation, saying: "This was a name I was given on my tablet and because it was about to start filming, they asked if it was okay for me to keep it as it was - which I didn't mind. So please don't worry everyone. I'm fine with Runrun."

She penned: "I'm on the 1% Club Tonight! This was filmed at the start of 2023 so I've had to keep my participation a secret for so long! But it's finally here and I can't wait to watch it back! ! (This is one of my favourite series)."

Yinrun also chimed in, conveying her gratitude for being part of the show: "Thanks to the show for having me as a player, I had the best time and lots of laughs, plus [Lee] is so charming."

She added: "Please tune in on ITV1 at 20:55 pm to watch the episode, and see how powerful my brain really is! ! Can you get the 1% question? Good luck."