The Yorkshire beach that rivals overseas holidays

Filey Beach
-Credit: (Image: Samuel Port - Yorkshire Live)

The Yorkshire coast boasts the gem that is Filey Beach, often hailed as "even better than being abroad" by those who've had the pleasure of visiting.

Filey has a staggering number of nearly 3,000 reviews on Tripadvisor, most of which give the beach an 'excellent' rating, and accolades placing it 'among the best beaches in the world'. Plus, with its impressive five-mile stretch of golden sands and the dramatic peninsula known as Filey Brigg, it surely does not disappoint.

First impressions might not immediately conjure up images of an 'idyllic seaside retreat', yet there's an undeniable allure similar to that found in bustling French coastal towns.

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A mix of shops, hotels, apartment blocks, and charming homes are tucked away at every turn, each offering breathtaking views of the expansive blue horizon as you draw closer to the water's edge, reports Yorkshire Live.

The streets, filled with parked cars, make finding a spot a bit tricky. Yet, one can't help but commend the local council for offering free parking - a rarity in today's popular tourist destinations where charges per hour are standard.

As you wander towards the seafront, you'll stumble upon quaint cafes nestled beneath the rolling hills. These spots provide alfresco dining and cater to all classic seaside cravings, from ice creams and iced lattes to fish and chips and fresh seafood.

Unexpectedly, we discovered a shop dedicated to selling dog-friendly ice cream - a charming and unforeseen discovery. There are also souvenir shops brimming with beach necessities like flip-flops, spades, buckets, inflatable pools and rubber rings.

The beach would have been utterly breathtaking if it weren't for the cloudy weather. On a sunny day, which we've had our fair share of during the recent heatwave, you'd have to pinch yourself to remember that you're not on a tropical island.

Filey Beach
Filey Beach -Credit:Samuel Port - Yorkshire Live

Throngs of school children were spotted, gleefully playing on the beach, constructing sandcastles and etching messages into the sand. For many, this was probably their first encounter with the seaside, making their joy even more touching to observe.

Filey also boasts a range of attractions including crazy golf, a small trampoline park and amusement arcades. A notable statue named 'High Tide in Short Wellies' left a lasting impression, featuring a fisherman in wellington boots, looking out to sea while a cheeky rat tries to steal his catch.

As the day wore on, the atmosphere gradually became more relaxed and laid-back. The earlier hustle and bustle gave way to a tranquil ambiance that enveloped tourists, shops, and attractions alike, creating a peaceful haven where time seemed to stand still.

The gentle waves lapping at the shore, their rhythmic dance highlighting the shimmering seabed. Given good weather, Filey presents a strong argument for a holiday experience that rivals going abroad, particularly for those seeking budget-friendly options or wishing to avoid long journeys.