Yorkshire dancer, 26, died after she was 'strangled during sex' before 'controlling' boyfriend took own life, inquest hears

Georgia May Brooke -Credit:Funeral Guide
Georgia May Brooke -Credit:Funeral Guide

A mum has paid an emotional tribute to her daughter who was strangled by her boyfriend who later took his own life.

Georgia May Brooke, of Ossett, died in Bradford Royal Infirmary in the early hours of Friday, February 4, 2022. Her boyfriend, Luke Cannon, was found dead later the same day, having taken his own life.

Georgia's cause of death has previously been given as 'manual strangulation' in association with the use of 'party drug' GHB and cocaine. Georgia's mum Samantha Beaumont today paid tribute to her daughter at an inquest hearing in Bradford.

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Samantha broke down as she described Georgia, 26, as a gifted and hard-working dancer who had passed dance exams with distinction and had later won a scholarship to a prestigious performing arts school in London. She had worked as a dancer at a hotel in Crete and was looking forward to returning to Greece at the time of her death.

Samantha broke down as she told the hearing how Georgia's death had left everyone devastated.

"The impact on my family has been huge. We are devastated beyond belief. Georgia has gone, leaving a huge hole."

In a statement, Samantha described how her daughter's behaviour changed after she had met Luke.

After she had met Luke, Samantha described his behaviour as 'manic and hyperactive' and said Georgia had become 'submissive'. Samantha claimed Luke had been 'controlling'.

Following Georgia's death, Samantha said she had been told that her daughter had been 'strangled during sex' and said that, in her view, Luke was responsible for killing her daughter. The inquest was told that paramedics attended a house in Thornbury, Bradford, where they found Georgia in cardiac arrest. Her partner, Luke, told a paramedic that they had been drinking alcohol and taking a 'sex drug' called 'G' - GHB.

A doctor who examined Georgia at Bradford Royal Infirmary said in a statement that it appeared that Georgia had been deceased for a longer time than information provided by Luke had suggested. An examination showed that Georgia had purple 'ligature marks' around her neck.

A nurse who spoke to Luke at Bradford Royal Infirmary said he had confided that they had been taking GHB for a 'euphoric sensation' during sex. The nurse said Luke was agitated as if he had taken cocaine.

The nurse said Luke had said Georgia had become short of breath and had then passed out. The inquest was told that Luke had left the hospital via a fire exit and was found hanged nearby.

In a statement, a friend said she believed Georgia and Luke had a "sex and drug-fuelled relationship" and that they would "choke each other. The friend said Luke 'seemed manipulative' and came across as a 'loud mouth and ladies' man.'

The hearing was told that Luke was known to some as a property developer but one witness claimed he was a drug dealer. His landlord said Luke had worked as a personal trainer and had his own gym.