A Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen 'at one' as she braves wild swim

Amanda Owen 'wild swimming' in Snowdonia
Amanda Owen 'wild swimming' in Snowdonia -Credit:Channel 5

Amanda Owen has issued some advice on wild swimming as she appeared in the latest episode of A Yorkshire Farm on Channel 5.

In the episode, she met up with experienced wild swimmer Vivienne Rickman, in Snowdonia, Wales. There, Amanda talked about her love of swimming in the wilds of Yorkshire with her family.

Vivienne talked about the cold and how she particularly enjoyed swimming in winter, and how, despite it only lasting for a short time, she can often leave feeling "happy" for the rest of the day.

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Then, the pair of them took to the water, despite it only being 6C. To do this, they had to enter slowly so as not to go into cold water shock.

Amanda then described that the surroundings were one of the highlights for her. She added: "I guess there's also that feeling of timelessness as well, and you kind of feel like, sort of, at one."

Amanda and Vivienne soon left the water, and Amanda talked about the recovery process. She said that once you leave the water, your body temperature will continue to fall and so you need to get warm quickly.

As for Amanda and Vivienne, they quickly got under blankets and began to drink hot drinks to stay warm. Amanda said: "Well, I'm sort of regaining the life back in me, it was very cold. I wasn't cold the minute I came out but then it hit me a few minutes later."

In the end, Amanda said she couldn't wait to do it again, and was excited to try more lakes in Snowdonia.

Vivienne Rickman
Vivienne Rickman -Credit:Channel 5