Yorkshire seaside town is England's best and most beautiful and it is easy to see why

Scarborough beach
Scarborough beach -Credit:LD Media UK/Shutterstock

The coast has always been a popular destination for holidays inside the UK and one Yorkshire seaside town stands above the rest.

Found on North Yorkshire's coast, Scarborough offers some brilliant views onto the North Sea from its famous beaches. According to The Express it has been named as one of the top destinations to visit in the UK by Time Out magazine in 2023 and was also described as the “most beautiful seaside resort in England” by CN Traveller.

Its not hard to see why. Scarborough has pretty much everything you need in a seaside resort town.

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CN Travelller wrote: "The dramatic castle occupies the headland which separates the two main bays – steep cliffs stretching away in both directions. The old town ascends the slope to the castle in a maze of crooked streets, with buildings dating back to Tudor times."

Scarborough Castle is part of the appeal of the town and attracts visitors all year round, Dating back to the 12th Century, the Medieval site overlooks the entire town and provides some great views of both the town and the sea.

Scarborough Castle
Scarborough Castle -Credit:George Hoden

Tripadvisor contains some reviews which explain the appeal of the site and gives it a four and a half star rating. Claire C wrote: "Although its a very steep climb to the castle its worth it for the stunning views of both bays. We got in free via English Heritage subs, a guide book was priced at £4, there are free walking guided tours available and activities for kids.

"Theres a stand selling hot drinks, ices plus an onsite gift shop (same place as where you pay to get in), selling books, pens, postcards, stationery, toys. As we left we were thanked by the staff for visiting the castle, which i thought was very nice."

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When in Scarborough, the town's great food culture also stands out, with loads of great seafood on offer from a number of different places. As across much of the UK, fish and chips is a common sight, but you can find plenty of other food it you like.

You can also find the largest collection of vintage rides and transports in Europe at the Scarborough Fair Collection, which has a four and a half star rating on Tripadvisor. One review reads: "What an absolutely fantastic day out. From the minute that I entered, I could not stop smiling as it brought back so many memories from my childhood.

"Whether it be the old motorbikes along with sidecar, the vintage vehicles, the fun fair rides (some of which are still operating), the radios and jukebox, the wurlitzer, the fire engine, the list goes on. I loved every minute of it. If I return to Scarborough, this will definitely be on my list of places to visit again."

Overall, Scarborough's a fantastic place to visit and well deserves its crown as one of the best seaside towns in the country.