Yosemite Partially Reopens After Storms Forced Three-Week Closure

Yosemite National Park partially reopened on Saturday, March 18, after a three-week closure due to severe weather.

Officials said the park, which had been closed to the public since February 25, reopened Saturday with “very limited services,” including several road closures.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the park accumulated record-breaking snow in late February, with snow up to 40 inches deep in some areas.

This footage posted to Facebook by Yosemite National Park shows crews working to clear a rockslide on Big Oak Flat Road.

“The park has documented 22 rockslides, debris flows, and other slope failures along park roads during this time, most of which have been mitigated,” the park service said. Credit: Yosemite National Park via Storyful

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