Young man branded 'legend' after cheeky gesture spotted on Google Street View

The young man walking along Henbarc Road, Bethesda, Gwynedd
The young man walking along Henbarc Road, Bethesda, Gwynedd -Credit:Google Street View

A young man has been hailed a "legend" after he cheekily flashed his backside at a Google Street View car. The young man spotted the oncoming vehicle as it passed through Bethesda in Gwynedd before he spun around, dropped his shorts and did a full moonie, ensuring his posterior was recorded for all to see.

The incident, which took place in July 2023, only recently came to light when it was shared on a local Facebook group. The image means anyone looking for directions on a certain road in Bethesda might now be in for a bit of a surprise, reports North Wales Live.

Most people found his spontaneous act of rebellion hilarious, with one admirer exclaiming: "What a guy!" Others branded him a local hero - perhaps not the hero we need but maybe the one we deserve.

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However, there were mixed views on his contribution to local services in a town that lies just outside Eryri (Snowdonia). One man noted: "At least there's somewhere to park my bike," while another sighed: "No wonder the buses don't go that way anymore."

Bethesda, which lies on Telford's A5 road, expanded rapidly in the 19th century as nearby Penrhyn Quarry grew to become the world's largest slate mine. Part of the site is now occupied by Zip World, which operates Europe's longest zipline.

The North Wales town has a new claim to fame as the location of Google's latest infamous mooner. "Is this the back end of nowhere?" wondered one social media user after the teenager's bare buttocks were captured by Google's cameras.

Bethesda's pants-dropping prankster is the latest in a long line of people to pull off the stunt. In 2016, a similar incident led to a cheeky sighting on St James Street in Middlesbrough.

2018 proved to be something of a banner year for Google mooners, with such incidents caught on camera in Toxteth, Liverpool; Hayes, near Heathrow Airport; and Maidenhead.

He showed the camera what he thought of it
He showed the camera what he thought of it -Credit:Google Street View

But there have been far more explicit incidents captured by Google's cameras, including a couple having sex on a street in Manchester, another pair in a clothes shop in France and a third couple in the Australian Outback. In addition, several women have exposed their breasts, while one unfortunate man was pictured having a bowel movement by the side of the road.

A dog walker in Liverpool also decided to bare all when he was caught on camera, while a man in Devon is said to have been spotted performing a sex act in his bedroom window. Despite assuring users that it uses cutting edge face and number plate blurring technology to protect peoples privacy, Google has admitted its tech can sometimes struggle when it comes to people exposing themselves.

The company said any such images can be blurred once it has been alerted to them. Google stated: "If you see that your face or license plate requires additional blurring, or if you would like us to blur your entire house, car, or body, submit a request using the 'Report a problem' tool. We don't allow sexually explicit content."

The company acknowledges that while certain content is deemed inappropriate, there are exceptions, allowing users to judge for themselves whether the Bethesda moonie possesses "artistic, educational or documentary value".