Young Sheldon stars address big change for their spin-off

young sheldon, georgie and mandy
Young Sheldon stars on change for their spin-offCBS

Young Sheldon stars Montana Jordan and Emily Osment have addressed the change in filming style for their upcoming spin-off.

Last month, it was confirmed that The Big Bang Theory spin-off would be getting a spin-off of its own, focusing on Sheldon Cooper's older brother Georgie (Jordan) and his fiancée Mandy (Osment).

Speaking to TVLine about their spin-off, the actors spoke about the switch from single camera filming, used in Young Sheldon, to working on a multi-camera sitcom shot in front of a studio audience – with Osment revealing the new filming style was one of her favourites.

"It's just a completely different experience, just a completely different form of comedy," she explained.

young sheldon, georgie and mandy

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"My favourite part of that is the live audience and feeling like you're doing a new play every week."

Comparing the two, the actress added: "There's something different about actually performing in front of people who are there to actually watch you perform."

Jordan then revealed the change in format was something he would need to get used to as it was "something I've never done before".

The pair also recalled the moment they were told about plans for the spin-off, which had been revealed on the same day the cast of Young Sheldon learnt that season seven would be their last.

young sheldon season 7's iain armitage as sheldon, zoe perry as mary, lance barber as george, raegan revord as missy, montana jordan as georgie, annie potts as meemaw, emily osment as mandy
Pamela Littky - CBS

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"It was a lot for one day," Osment said of the day. "It was a a very bittersweet feeling."

The new spin-off is expected to follow on from Young Sheldon's final season, with upcoming episodes set to see Georgie and Mandy get married before heading off on their own adventure alongside their daughter CeeCee.

Further details about cast and storylines are yet to be revealed. However Raegan Revord has already ruled herself out, claiming on Instagram that she "wasn't invited" to join the spin-off.

Young Sheldon airs on CBS in the US and E4 in the UK.

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