Young Thug trial: Witness claims DA investigator harassed her

ATLANTA — A witness in the ongoing “Young Slime Life” trial against Atlanta rapper Young Thug and his alleged associates testified that she was allegedly “sexually harassed” by a Fulton County District Attorney Office investigator.

The witness was called to testify about an alleged May 2013 armed robbery at her apartment involving Young Thug and Walter Murphy, who took a plea deal in December 2022. The incident is not mentioned in the 95-page indictment.

The witness was reluctant to testify and was actually taken into custody Wednesday. A warrant was issued after she failed to appear in court.

Young Thug’s attorney, Keith Adams, questioned her Friday about why she did not want to testify.

“(The investigator) had harassed you, is that correct?” Adams asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“In fact, you told us when you were back there (inside the holding cell at the courthouse) that you didn’t want to come out and see him because he had sexually harassed you, true?” Adams asked.

“Yes,” she answered.

The witness testified that the investigator told her wanted to met her alone at an Atlanta restaurant in February. She didn’t feel safe doing so, so she took her 20-year-old son with her.

She testified that the investigator told her not to talk to anybody else about the case and felt he was trying to date her.

“He told you that he would like to take you out when this is all over, didn’t he?” Adams asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution asked for comment from the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office about the witness’ allegations.

“Because the statement was made in court, we cannot make a statement outside the context of the proceedings,” a DA spokesperson said in an email.

The witness testified that she lost her job because of how many times she had to meet with the DA’s office to discuss the alleged robbery. She was brought to court Thursday in handcuffs after being taken into custody Wednesday. She was not shown on camera per the prosecutor’s request, and the AJC is not naming her.

After the witness testified for about an hour Thursday, Judge Glanville made arrangements for her to be released from jail and put up in a hotel by the DA’s office to ensure she returned to court on Friday. On Friday, she testified that nobody contacted her until about a year ago about the alleged 2013 incident. While being questioned by Adams, she testified that there was no robbery in her apartment in 2013.

The trial will be on hiatus for much of next week as many metro school systems are on spring break, but there is a motions hearing on Thursday.