Young Woman Comes Out to Father in Phone Call

The tender moment a young woman came out to her father over the phone in North Carolina was captured in footage posted to TikTok in April.

Connie Kingston, or @connie_efx, recorded this video while on the phone with her dad. Connie, age 20, can be heard telling her father that her friend, Daya, is not her friend, rather, she’s her girlfriend.

Her father then responds saying he really likes Daya, and says both she and Connie are wonderful. He asks if Connie was worried to tell him, and ensures her that there is nothing she could do to make him not love her.

Connie told Storyful her girlfriend, Daya or Dayaresi, recently came out to her own parents who were not supportive. Connie said that since they were already “going through a rough patch” she decided to tell her own parents, who accepted and supported both her and her girlfriend.

She added that since posting the video, she’s received tons of positive comments and requests from viewers to meet her dad, and said the outpouring has helped her girlfriend. Credit: @connie_efx via Storyful

Video transcript

- That we can make dinner soon.


- Tell me what you want to tell me.

CONNIE KINGSTON: Oh yeah, Daya's not my friend.

- What's that?

CONNIE KINGSTON: Daya is not my friend.

- Why do you say that?

CONNIE KINGSTON: She's my girlfriend.

- Oh, that's cool. I really like Daya.


- Yeah, of course.

CONNIE KINGSTON: I like her too.

- She's wonderful. Yeah. So are you.


- Were you worried about that?

CONNIE KINGSTON: A little bit.

- You didn't-- Connie, I love you so much. There's nothing you can do that would make me not love you. And there's nothing wrong with that lifestyle. I'm perfectly agree with that lifestyle. So some of my good friends in college had different lifestyles than me. I love you.

CONNIE KINGSTON: I love you too.

- Well, I'll be home in a little bit.