Youths filmed fighting on top deck of Nottingham bus in city centre

A group of youths have been filmed fighting on the top deck of a bus in Nottingham city centre. A video sent to Nottinghamshire Live shows at least four people involved in the altercation onboard the 15 bus in Milton Street at around 10.45pm on Wednesday, May 1.

Nottingham City Transport (NCT), which operates the service to Rise Park, said the driver asked the company for police assistance but the group left very shortly after. The footage, taken from across the street, shows punches being thrown and people shoving each other.

Shouts can be heard from around the bus, with some passengers sat watching the fight from their seats. The action then dies down, with some of the people involved leaving the bus, and others sitting down.

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Screengrab of the fight onboard the bus. Taken from across the street
At least four people involved in the altercation onboard the 15 bus -Credit:Supplied

A spokesman for NCT said: "The driver contacted the control room and requested immediate police assistance, but the group left the vehicle very shortly afterwards and the bus departed. The CCTV is available for the police to investigate the incident."

The spokesman said Nottinghamshire Police were not called due to the group's quick exit, but said it would be reporting the matter to the force later today [Thursday, May2].