YouTuber creates real-life version of Netflix series 'Squid Game'

YouTuber Mr Beast has created his own real-life version of Squid Game.

The online star said he had “recreated every step” of the hit Netflix series, which sees people competing in a series of childhood games with a deadly twist in a bid to win money.

Mr Beast recruited 456 people for his version, which is the same number as on the show, and whoever comes first will win $456,000 (£342,000).

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He has shared a video on YouTube which shows the contestants playing games including Red Light, Green Light and Brawl Stars.

A still from the hit Netflix show Squid Game (Netflix)
Squid Game has been a huge hit. (Netflix)

But instead of meeting a sticky end like those on the show, competitors are all wearing devices that pop when they are out.

Mr Beast said the support for his idea was “insane” and thanked fans for backing him.

“We put so much work and time and effort and money into this video,” he said.

“It was probably one of the most stressful things we have ever worked on.”

A still from the hit Netflix show Squid Game (Netflix)
The show is coming back for a second series. (Netflix)

The star – who has more than 76 million followers on YouTube – said he was thrilled with how the game had turned out.

“I am kind of terrified because I always like to one up myself and it’s going to be pretty hard to one up this!” he added.

A still from the hit Netflix show Squid Game (Netflix)
A still from the hit Netflix show Squid Game. (Netflix)

Squid Game was released in September.

It quickly became a huge hit with viewers and became Netflix's most-watched original series.

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It was recently confirmed that a second series is in the pipeline.