ITV axes You've Been Framed after 33 years

The Saturday night entertainment show of funny videos has been killed off by social media.

Jeremy Beadle hosting You've Been Framed in 1991. (ITV/Shutterstock)
Jeremy Beadle hosting You've Been Framed in 1991. (ITV/Shutterstock)

ITV is axing family entertainment show You've Been Framed after 33 years.

The once popular Saturday night show was based on funny home video clips sent in by the viewers.

You've Been Framed launched in 1990 hosted by Jeremy Beadle and last aired in August 2022, narrated by Harry Hill, who had fronted the show since 2004.

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It has now been reported that there are no plans to make another series of the show.

Comedian Harry Hill on stage
Harry Hill narrated You've Been Framed, which has been axed. (PA)

When You've Been Framed first launched it relied on the recently availability of affordable camcorders and viewers were invited to send in their home videos of family mishaps and pranks to make others laugh.

The live studio audience voted for the best clip and those featured on the show were awarded a prize of £250.

Jeremy Beadle launched You've Been Framed on TV in 1990. (Getty Images)
Jeremy Beadle launched You've Been Framed on TV in 1990. (Getty Images)

The show went on to be hosted by Emmerdale star Lisa Riley and Robbie William's singing buddy Jonathan Wilkes before it evolved into its most recent format - being narrated by comedian and TV Burp presenter Harry Hill.

Though smartphones may have boosted the supply and access to home videos they are now shared on social media platforms and the favourites go viral long before they have time to be sent into a TV show.

Lisa Riley took over hosting You've Been Framed in 1998. (PA)
Lisa Riley took over hosting You've Been Framed in 1998. (PA)

The news has caused a mixed reaction from fans. Some are relieved to hear it has been axed, while others will be sad to see it go.

One said: "So sad cause not everyone relies/watches streaming platforms, my elderly parents love this show + will be very sad it’s over #youvebeenframed #ybf"

Another tweeted: "Call me a sop, but I’m gutted #YouveBeenFramed has been axed! Sure it was the peak of the UK canned laughter show, but I’d much prefer to tune in watching toddlers fall over, teenagers smack into poles or a bride have her dress blown away in the wind any day than join TikTok."

While one Harry Hill fan begged: "Please please ITV2 bring back Harry hill. You've been framed show. ITV2 is a cult TV channel on Freeview HD. I and many fan's love ITV2. All incredible comedy shows and Harry's brightens up our weekly and weekend s comedy viewing. Please please reconsider and bring back you."

But one viewer posted: "It’s a shame You’ve Been Framed is going but I guess you can’t keep putting grainy VHS camcorder clips from 1994 of kids smashing their nadgers after misjudging ropeswings. There’s only so long you can get away with it. And it’s 33 years apparently."

An another moaned: "Thank god TV execs are finally getting rid of Outdated tv shows that are no longer relevant. They started with Youv’e Been Framed, here’s hoping they get rid of a lot more like it."

And some viewers were surprised to hear You've Been Framed was even still in production as recently as 2022.

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Yahoo UK has contacted ITV for comment.

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