You've been storing spices wrong – and simple mistakes could even cost money

The mistake could cost you a lot of money -Credit:Getty Images/fStop

Spices and seasonings are essential for any home cook.

But they can turn into an expensive habit if not stored correctly. The trend of decanting spices into attractive jars for display has taken the internet by storm.

But an expert issued a warning which could be squandering your cash. Matt Webster, the founder of Seasoned Pioneers, stated that improper storage of spices can lead to a loss of their flavour and aroma, which ultimately hits your wallet harder. Nevertheless, there is a method to extend their lifespan.

Reacting to a viral TikTok video, where an influencer showcased her spices in transparent jars on a Ferris Wheel-style rack garnering over 58,000 likes, the food specialist cautioned against such displays. Matt highlighted that exposure to light in see-through containers can degrade the spices.

He explained: "Light, air, moisture, and heat are the worst enemies of spices. If spices are left exposed to any of these, their aroma and flavour can fade away in a disappointingly short span of time.

"Most spices have a shelf life of about two to three years, but if stored correctly, they could last beyond five years. If you've ever found your spices clumped together when you go to use them, that is because they should always be stored in airtight and opaque containers to maintain their aroma and texture.

"Experts recommend using pouches rather than glass or clear plastic containers, as this ensures the product's longevity by protecting it from oxidation and keeping it dry and fresh."

He also advised people to avoid storing them too close to the oven or pouring them out over the top of a hot pan. He added: "The oils that give spices their delicious, unique and potent flavours start to evaporate around 37C."

Finally, it's important to know when to bin your spices, particularly if they're stored in glass jars. If the spice starts to smell musty, loses its scent or changes colour, then it's time to part ways.