Yup, A Gold Carriage In A Cost Of Living Crisis Is A Different Level Of Bad Taste

With the coronation in full swing, King Charles and Camilla have travelled in not one, but two different gold coaches today.

One of the horse-drawn carriages comes complete with air conditioning and modern suspension, while the second provides a ride that the late Queen Elizabeth II once described as “horrible.”

The provider of the bumpy is ride is the Gold State Coach, which was used for the coronation procession from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace.

It has cherubs on the roof representing England, Scotland and Ireland, weighs four tons, each wheel has a massive triton figure and has painted panels of Roman gods and goddesses. And, oh yeah, it’s 29ft long.

It’s been used at every coronation since 1831 and isn’t actually made of solid gold – but because of its weight, it can only go at walking pace.

And if you can’t help but feel this incredibly dystopian giving the current cost of living crisis, you’re far from alone.

As one Twitter user pointed out, “while you applaud a rich man in a gold carriage, the guy next to you who works 50 hours a week, cant afford the family shopping at Lidl.”

And it’s not just Twitter who’re fuming that we’re stumping up the cost for a weekend of pomp, quiche and a Katy Perry performance.

More than half of Britons do not think it should be funded by the Government, a YouGov poll has suggested.

The survey found 51% of adults questioned believe the ceremony should not be funded by the Government.

In terms of cost, the price tag for this weekend will cost the taxpayer tens of millions of pounds at the very least, according to The Big Issue.

“The coronation will be very costly, perhaps costing as much as £100m although no estimates are currently available,” royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told the Big Issue.

“There will be those who feel that such expenditure cannot be justified during a cost of living crisis, when many are suffering hardship.”

As the publication explained, the £100million spent on the coronation could’ve paid for a £38,000 donation to every single food bank in the UK.

Another day on normal island.