Zac Efron appearance baffles Netflix fans as he stars in new streaming hit

Zac Efron's latest film dropped on Netflix this weekend and sparked a buzz online among fans, however the attention was unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.

Fans of the 36-year-old hunk were keen to catch his latest acting performance but it was his appearance that really got everyone talking as he shared a sneak peek behind the scenes of A Family Affair with his Instagram followers.

The Greatest Showman star appears alongside Nicole Kidman in the new flick and the video he shared to his account shows Joey King, 24, in the midst of filming a scene where she acts out choking on a grape and falls unconscious.

As Zac and Nicole watched on behind the scenes, he turned the camera to capture their reactions as they laughed before commending Joey for her impressive acting.

Despite this hilarious moment, Zac's followers seemed to be more concerned with another aspect of the video which set tongues wagging, the Mirror reports.

Fans appeared to be very concerned as they questioned what had happened to the Bay Watch star's appearance.

One wrote: "WTF ! ! ! ! What happened to your face Zac."

Another commented: "Plastic surgery and aging .. oh but smoking probably. They can't fool us."

However, other fans were quick to jump to Zac's defence as they argued he had to undergo facial surgery after suffering a severe fall at home years ago.

Zac has been candid about the incident and the aftermath of what happened to his appearance.

In an interview with Men's Health for their October 2022 issue, he recalled the devastating moment he shattered his jaw after he slipped in socks inside his home.

Zac Efron in new film
Zac stars in A Family Affair with Nicole Kidman and Joey King -Credit:Tina Rowden/Netflix

Speaking about how it happened, he explained he had lost his footing and hit a fountain's corner which resulted in him being left with a major facial injury.

After this, he fell unconscious and revealed his "chin bone" has almost detached from his face.

During his recovery, the actor said he noticed a significant enlargement in his facial muscles, and went to a physical therapist for assistance.

He said: "The masseters just grew. They just got really, really big." Masseters are crucial chewing muscles found within the face and jaw.

Despite the speculation surrounding his changed appearance, Zac has insisted he is not bothered by the rumours.

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