Zac Efron And Nicole Kidman's A Family Affair Originally Had A NSFW Title, And I’m Glad It Was Changed

 Brooke Harwood (Nicole Kidman) and Chris Cole (Zac Efron) have a romantic encounter in A Family Affair.
Credit: Netflix

A recently released entry on Netflix’s 2024 movie schedule has been making waves on the streamer as of late, and it’s a flick by the name of A Family Affair. This film brings together Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron and Joey King for a breezy tale intended to convey love and generate laughs. Considering the star power that’s attached to the production, it’s no surprise that it’s earning so much attention. I’d argue, however, that it could’ve really turned heads in another way. Both Kidman and Efron (who were perfect for this film, according to the director) recently revealed that their film nearly had a more NSFW title, and I’m honestly glad it was changed.

What Was A Family Affair Originally Going To Be Called?

It’s no secret that movies can go through a lot of changes throughout the development process and, in many cases, titles end up changing. For instance, at one point, Ridley Scott’s Alien was to be called Star Beast. And Pretty Woman – one of the best romantic comedies of all time – was simply going to be titled $3,000. When it comes to Richard LaGravenese’s A Family Affair, the OG moniker was a bit more blunt. Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman divulged the one-word title as follows:

Nicole Kidman: Originally, it had a different title.

Zac Efron: It was called Motherf-----

Kidman: Beeped out. Somehow that didn't make it onto the Netflix title.

That certainly would’ve been a very “distinctive” title for the film and, admittedly, it does roll off the tongue a bit better. But, as the Big Little Lies star mentioned, the streamer just didn’t seem to be that into it. However, it seems that there was a silver lining of sorts when it came to the 2024 new movie release’s original moniker. While he and his co-star spoke to People, Zac Efron went on to explain how the first title affected his decision to join the movie:

That made the script stay at the top of the pile. It's like, what on Earth could this be about?

It’s hard to argue with the notion of being an actor and having your interest piqued by a script bearing the title Motherf-----. One could also definitely say that this original name succinctly sums up just what the movie is about. Despite that, I think the right call was made.

Why I’m Not Down For The Film’s Original Title?

More on A Family Affair

Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron next to each other in A Family Affair
Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron next to each other in A Family Affair

Zac Efron Almost Had A Music Number In A Family Affair. Here’s Why It Didn’t Happen

A Family Affair tells the story of a young woman (Joey King), who laments working as a personal assistant to an arrogant movie star (Zac Efron). Their uneasy dynamic gets a lot more interesting, however, after the actor strikes up a relationship with his employee’s older mother, (Nicole Kidman). So, on the whole, Motherf----- would’ve been totally apt for this particular production.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with profanity being injected into movie titles (if it suits said production). But I don’t think the one-word title set for this rom-com fits the vibe. This is a mostly lighthearted piece of PG-13 work that’s relatively tame for viewing audiences. The OG name for the flick sounds like something that’s more suitable for an R-rated feature that’s a tad raunchier.

At the end of the day, we really can’t say for sure just how that name might’ve impacted the reception to A Family Affair, which critics are lukewarm on. However, what I will say is that the marketing for the Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron-led film (which is the No. 1 streaming movie on the platform in the U.S. right now) would’ve been a lot more interesting. You can check out the flick for yourself using an active Netflix subscription.