Zayn Malik reassures fans he's 'fine' after car drove over his foot

Zayn Malik's foot got ran over (c) Instagram credit:Bang Showbiz
Zayn Malik's foot got ran over (c) Instagram credit:Bang Showbiz

Zayn Malik is "fine", despite apparently being run over on Friday (19.01.24).

The 'Pillowtalk' singer sparked concern from fans when video footage circulated on social media of him being ushered out of the Kenzo presentation at Paris Men's Fashion Week and into a waiting car with the help of security, only for a passing vehicle to apparently drive over his foot.

In the clip, Zayn seemed to take the incident in his stride because he barely reacted and continued getting into his car, and now the 31-year-old singer has reassured worried fans that everything is OK.

He shared photos from the day on Instagram, including his all-white Kenzo sneaker bearing tyre tracks on the toe and wrote"@kenzo @nigo Thanks for a great show! My foot is fine !!Thanks to my incredibly well made shoes [cry-laughing face and thumbs up emojis] (sic)"

Meanwhile, Zayn's debut speaking role in a movie - as henchmen Cameron and Kirk - in animated comedy '10 Lives' has premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and while director Chris Jenkins was "apprehensive" about working with the former One Direction singer, he "immediately" bonded with the star.

Asked about working with Zayn - who is also credited as executive music producer - he told Variety: "I was apprehensive to begin with, I didn’t know what to expect.

"Amongst the community of animation directors, we know that if we’re going to go with a big star that can come with all sorts of issues. Sometimes people come in with an entourage and you can barely find the real person underneath, which is what I love to do.

"Zayn was the complete opposite. We bonded immediately, and I knew what I had to do going in was to have a good time, like two guys just having a laugh really, and then I would push him for more emotions.

"But he’s really funny. He plays those guys with the pathos that I really wanted, which was, they are acting as bad guys but they’re not really bad. They don’t know how to be bad.

"At the start of the next movie — if we get there, I hope — they’ve actually bought that pub in town and called it Pets and Pints."