Zelensky open to China’s proposed peace plan

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said during a news conference Friday, the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion, that Kyiv needs to work with China to put an end to the war: “Our task is to unite everyone in order to isolate one.”

Video transcript

INTERPRETER: Mr. President, you mentioned China and its views not very pro-Ukrainian. China came up with its peace plan this week. However, we're seeing some actions by China not very pro-Ukrainian. And we also heard some allegations that China might be supporting weapons to Russia. So what do you think about China's position? Well, I don't think that was China's peace plan. It was not a declaration or resolution. I think that China spoke its mind about the matter.

And I actually said it once before, China started talking about Ukraine. And I think this is a good thing.


INTERPRETER: But it actually-- it begs the question, what will these words be followed with? Because the steps that are to be taken, this is what's important, and what these steps are going to lead for us. Because he's talking about-- China is talking about us. Territorial integrity. Well, I think what they are saying looks like respect for territorial integrity. It doesn't mention the country, but it's our territorial integrity that has been breached. Nuclear security was mentioned as well. I think this is in line with the interests-- global interests and Ukrainian interests.

There are some things that make sense to me. There are things that I disagree with, the entire world, I think, disagrees with. But nonetheless, this is at least something. And I think that we would be safe to assume that if there are ideas that are aligned with the idea of respect for international law, territorial integrity, and some security considerations, we need to put that to good use. We need to work on that with China. Why not?


INTERPRETER: Our task is to get everyone together to isolate that--