Zelenskyy says Americans 'aren't funding' war in Ukraine; they are 'protecting democracy'

  • Ukraine's Zelenskyy said Americans are not 'funding war' but 'protecting democracy' with their aid.

  • Zelenskyy said Ukrainians are fighting so that the US and others don't have to.

  • Once passed by the Senate and signed by Biden, ammo and weapons could reach Ukraine in days.

Americans may be fatigued by the war in Ukraine, but Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reminded them on Sunday that at least they don't have to fight in it.

The Ukrainian president's comments came Sunday morning on "Meet the Press" on NBC News, just one day after the House of Representatives approved a long-awaited aid package for Ukraine.

Zelenskyy spoke with NBC's Kristen Welker. He said the United States is "protecting democracy" in Europe.

"The Americans are not funding the war in Ukraine. They are foremost protecting freedom and democracy all over Europe. And Ukraine is fighting," he said. "[The] US Army now does not have to fight protecting NATO countries. Ukrainians are doing that."

The $60 billion aid package passed the House despite heavy GOP dissent. It now heads to the Senate, where it is expected to pass. President Joe Biden has signaled his intent to sign it.

Once that happens, vital ammo and weapons could reach Ukraine within days, helping it stem the Russian tide.

"It's only the ammo that the world is providing. And I think it's a good decision," Zelenskyy said. "While Ukraine stands, there's no direct war between US or NATO and Russian aggression. So Ukraine is still fighting, and Ukraine is protecting all the others."

Should Ukraine lose the war against Russia, analysts worry Russia might use that momentum to target NATO countries.

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