Zoe Ball undergoes 'medical' emergency after being rushed to professional

Zoe Ball praises emergency care after being rushed to medical professional
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Zoe Ball has revealed she underwent a 'medical' emergency last night, giving fans an update after some dental drama. The 53-year-old BBC star took to social media to tell followers about the mishap that led to her losing a tooth.

The popular radio DJ shared a hilarious snap of a character with a missing tooth, captioning it: "About last night... Me... Oops." She humorously pointed out the gap in the smile with an arrow, reports the Mirror.

Following up with another post, Zoe shared a snap of Wayne's World's Garth Algar, portrayed by Dana Carvey, sporting a full set of teeth and his iconic blonde locks, captioning it: "Me... now." She shared her gratitude, writing: "Thanks to Maddy at Dentalessence Burgess Hill for the emergency rescue."

The presenter recently took a hiatus from her show after the upsetting passing of her mum, Julia Peckham, in April. Julia's life was cut short just 12 weeks following a pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

During this sad time, Zoe stepped back from her duties to care for her mother, with Gaby Roslin stepping in to cover her breakfast show. At the time, Zoe shared a poignant update about her mum's condition, saying: "Sadly, heartbreakingly, her cancer is quite advanced but we're making loads of lovely memories and taking care of her. She has some amazing people around her."

Zoe Ball
The star ended up losing a tooth ( Image: (Image: Zoe Ball)) -Credit:(Image: Zoe Ball)

The former 'It Takes Two' presenter has shared her "newfound admiration for all carers" and made light-hearted comments about the increased amount of housework she's now faced with. She shared: "My brother Jamie and I are completely in awe of the brilliant Doctors, Nurses and support teams looking after Mum."

"I'm trying to be at work on breakfast as often as I can but occasionally need to be home with my Mama." Following the heart-wrenching update that her mother had entered hospice care just a week prior, Zoe heartbreakingly confirmed the passing of her beloved "dear Mama" in the early morning of April 24.

Zoe shared an update after being rushed to a medical professional ( Image: Instagram) -Credit:Instagram
Zoe shared an update after being rushed to a medical professional ( Image: Instagram) -Credit:Instagram

In a touching tribute on Instagram, Zoe posted: "Thank you for teaching us how to love unconditionally, to always show courage and empathy, and how, even in the darkest of days, laughter is the greatest of gifts."

"We are bereft without you but will hold so tight to each other. Your grace and your smile that lit up every room you were in, will light the stars to guide us."

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